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Having been in and around the fishing and charter business for 20 some years now I have come to the realization that most advertising avenues are fairly limited and achieve limited responses for the cost and effort involved. I have tried all the standard advertising venues - newspapers, telephone directories, and the  yellow pages. I have also tried distributing brochures at the local tourism bureaus, sport, and outdoor shows, all with slim to marginal results. I eventually came to the conclusion that this type of advertising is extremely costly and time consuming and reaches a very limited audience, I knew that there had to be a better way.

One day while talking to a friend of mine about this problem (my friend is in the computer and Internet business) we came up with the idea of advertising on the Internet. This new and expanding medium reaches local, national, and international markets at a fraction of the cost of my previous advertising campaigns. We decided to form an association. This association would not only increase our exposure; it would also bring the same benefits to other members.

The Great Lakes Charter Association was formed as a joint effort between 30 Pounder III Fishing Charters and CompuTech Electronics Incorporated. This association brings the best of two diverse worlds together - Charter Boats and the Internet also know as the World Wide Web.

We are offering you the opportunity to become a member of the Great Lakes Charter Association and advertise your business all over the Internet (the World Wide Web), bringing you the exposure that you need to increase your business.

If you do not have a computer, don't worry, you don't need one unless you are planning on purchasing one anyway. The majority of your customers and potential customers are already surfing the Internet on a weekly if not daily basis searching for information and entertainment. The Internet already has millions of users and this number is increasing daily at a phenomenal rate. It is estimated that within the next few years 70-90 of all business transactions will be conducted over the Internet. It may be to your advantage to purchase a computer just to see what all this hype about the "Internet" is all about. A computer would also allow you to receive your own e-mail, but like I said earlier - you do not need to own a computer to get in on this opportunity.

Great Lakes Charters Association, is our home page and will have links to your website or information about your charter service if you do not have a website. Our web page will also have many other links to related topics of interest. If you do not have a website and are interested in setting one up, we can help you with it. You can be "on-line" and receive international exposure in no time. Your charter business will be represented on the World Wide Web. Your website will have as much advertising as you need, and as many "links" to other pages as you may want. Our Internet Web Server has no phone lines tied to it and hosts business sites only, therefore it is extremely fast.

The Great Lakes Charter Association will contain links to fishing reports and other related topics of human interest. Members such as yourself can submit your own fishing reports, tournament information, commentaries, and any other information that you would like to share with your fellow anglers. Your input will play a key role in where people will be interested in fishing. I truly believe that an endeavor such as this can and will benefit everyone involved.

Thank You


Joyce Schwartz
G.L.C.A. President


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