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How to pick a Sport Fishing Charter

So you have finally decided to see what Great Lakes Charter fishing is all about! If you are spending this adventure with family, friends or business associates there are a few key factors beyond price that you should consider.

Most charters last between 5-1/2 to 10 hours so the Captain and mates (if your charter uses one) personality along with experience become very important. Can you imagine being on board with Captain Bligh? Experience and performance are top considerations. Try to determine if this is a full time career or just a part time job for the Captain. The best way to determine your compatibility with a particular charter service is to go to your local sport shows and talk with a few captains to determine if this is someone you would like to be with all day. A reference from someone you know who has used this service before is an excellent start.

If you live in the close proximity of the charter fishing fleets take a walk down the dock and see which customers are smiling when they get off a charter boat. Surprising that often its not the people who have caught the most fish who have had the best experience. This is also a good time to see how Captain and crew take care of their equipment. Is the boat clean? Most Captains will welcome you aboard even if you have no desire to go fishing.

REMEMBER the boat you choose is responsible for your safe return!

The bottom line-----Price.

Cost is normally determined by the size of the boat and the services provided. Is there a first mate to help you and does the charter service pay his wages or does the mate work for tips only? Is the boat equipped with modern electronics and fishing tackle? Does the boat have twin engines in the event of motor failure on the water?

Once you have chosen your boat and Captain plan to be on the dock early. If you arrive late, in most cases, the Captain can't add time on as he needs to get back to the dock for his second trip. This will also give you the opportunity to get familiar with the boat and the equipment you will be using. Don't forget the camera to record the many memories of your experience on a GREAT LAKES CHARTER BOAT!

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