Great Lakes Charter Association

The Great Lakes Charter Boat Association was formed by U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Charter Boat Captains to bring safe and enjoyable Charter Lake Fishing, Cruising, and River Fishing to the lakes and rivers of The Great Lakes and it's tributaries.
How do I become a member of the G.L.C.A.?

To become a member of the Great Lakes Charter Boat Association you must be a *U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Charter Boat Captain operating a State Inspected Vessel for the purpose of Sport Fishing or Chartered Cruises.

What is the Membership Fee?

The membership fee is $25.00 annually or $100.00 for a lifetime membership.
Members are entitled to the following benefits:
• Advertise your Charter Boat on the G.L.C.A. Website.
• Post a link to your Charter Boats Website.
• Post articles and photographs to the G.L.C.A. Website.
• Use our Free Auction site.
• Gain regional, national, and internal exposure on the World Wide Web.
• Receive discounts on webpage design and hosting services.
What other benefits are available to members?
• Advanced charter boat scheduling features are available to help you schedule more charters with less hassles. The advanced scheduling service works on a commission basis.
• Discounted webpage design and hosting services.

Why is the G.L.C.A. different from other Charter Associations?

Click here to find out.

*U.S. Coast Guard Licensed and State Inspected applies to charter boats registered in the United States only.
State requirements and regulations may vary from state to state. Vessels registered in Canada are not U.S.
Coast Guard Licensed or Approved and are subject to their Countries and/or Provinces certifications and regulations.

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